1986 – 1989 Roots & Manding band – lead djembe and vocals – Afro Manding music traditions. Bakau Sabar Ensemble – percussion – traditional Wolof music.
1989 – 1999 Roots Kunta Kinteh – lead djembe/ percussion and vocals Gambian traditional – Afro Manding Barrowulo music – combinations of Kora and drums playing rhythms from many regions of West Africa.
1990 – 1999 Wassulung Kunda Djembe School – co-ordinator and teacher – teaching drum and dance to international students from Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Germany, UK and USA.
1996 – 1999 Chossan Dance Troupe – lead percussion – Jola/Mandinka traditional drum and dance troupe.
1997- 1999 Gambian African Ballet – percussion – traditional dance ensemble.
Cape Point Hotel Resort
Amy’s Beach Hotel Resort
Sir William Bar and Restaurant
Novotel Hotel Resort
Kotou Bendula Restaurant and Bar
Badala Park
Kotoustran Hotel Resort
Sunwing Beach Hotel Resort
African Village Hotel Resort
Roots Coming Home Festival performance & workshops at the Gambian Independence Stadium, Bakau New Town, 1998
BB Hotel Resort
Weekly television performances with Gambia TV, 1998
Community events, including naming ceremonies, weddings, and private party functions.